Companies need a simple way to control the services and users on their networks.

We take care of the wireless technology. You get control of the network.

We provide the platform to give you the visibility, security and management of your network.

When scaling, performance, security and control matter!

Your Network… Your Control!

Athonet's next generation Connectivity Platform enables cost-effective deployment of high performance LTE and 5G wireless networks:

Private Networks for Enterprises and Building Owners

Private LTE and Private 5G

The diversity and complexity of new connectivity requirements, with increased focus on security, performance, resiliency and control are driving businesses to review their strategy and seek new solutions.

There are six key categories of requirements that a company must address when developing its connectivity strategy:

Athonet Performance


Ensure that the connectivity solution meets ever increasing performance requirements.

Athonet Puzzle Availability


Ensure high availability given the importance of services and operations

Data and Network Security

Improve security for organization data, users and devices operating via the connectivity solution

Deployment Approach and Massive Scaling

Architected to facilitate efficient deployment and dynamically support scaling

Control and Visibility

Ensure control over the connectivity solution, services and users

Enabling Applications and IoT

Video surveillance, real-time control, mission-critical push-to-talk etc.
Zero-complexity IoT with certificate management

Public, Private and Edge networks for Wireless Operators

We provide the next generation connectivity platform that enables massive deployment of Hybrid LTE Networks (Public, Private and Edge) for wireless operators:

Public Fixed Wireless and Edge Networks - scale rapidly using a mix of Cloud and Edge networking

Private Wireless Networks - serve organizations (businesses) with a higher level of security, visibility and control

Effectively serve users with needs that cannot be met with legacy network architectures

Minimize costs (OpEx, CapEx)

Facilitate network deployment and management requiring less personnel

Improve performance, reduce technical complexity and lower operating costs

Scale rapidly where and when you need to

Networks for Public Safety and Defense

Athonet’s Connectivity Platform enables deployment of LTE and 5G wireless networks for organizations that are charged with the responsibility to ensure safety and defense of its citizens. Athonet delivers agile, secure, high performance networks for critical environments. There are five key categories of requirements that governments and public safety agencies must address when developing their connectivity strategy:

Highly resilient & secure

Solutions designed for the most demanding environments


Solutions that can be managed by field operators and IT personnel (does not require specific telco knowledge and training

Rapid deployment and transportable

Fast & simple deployment is fundamental for emergency response


From a small field area to nationwide coverage

Support a large set of applications

Including group calls, audio/video dispatch, critical alerts etc

Latest News​

Athonet’s Connectivity Platform live in New York City

New York City, 8th October 2019 – Athonet’s Connectivity Platform is now running in a trial taking place in NYC’s iconic Times Square to demonstrate the power of Private LTE using “open” CBRS spectrum for applications including video cameras, public safety and digital signage. “We are delighted to partner with a pioneering player

Athonet wins a total of 4 Global Mobile Awards including CTO’s choice

Barcelona, 26th February 2019 – Athonet wins 3 more Global Mobile Awards including the top Outstanding Innovation – CTO’s Choice Award. This brings Athonet to a total of 4 Global Mobile Awards, the biggest number of mobile network awards given to any company this year! BEST OF THE AWARDS: Outstanding


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