Mobile Network Operator


Deploy Today

Whether you are an established mobile network operator or a new entrant, Athonet’s solution revolutionises the mobile core – massively reducing capex and opex whilst enabling significant new growth opportunities. Imagine a network that is completely software based with none of the complexity, costs and restrictions of legacy centralised, proprietary hardware-based systems – it is available today from Athonet and in commercial deployment! Our software based mobile core can be deployed in the cloud, in a virtualised environment or on standard off-the-shelf hardware with minimal footprint. Now imagine if instead of a centralised mobile core, you could have tens, hundreds or even thousands of mobile cores in combination with any number of macro base stations, small cells and HetNets – it is a transformation of the mobile network that allows very large new revenue opportunities TODAY from Network Slicing, Enterprise & Mission Critical Communications, Mobile Edge Computing and WiFi replacement.


Connecting the Unconnected

Our solution also radically alters the economics of network deployment for rural network operators and new entrants in emerging and developing markets where the up-front cost of the core network and can be prohibitive and act as a barrier to deployment. Our innovative Software-as-a-service model allows operators the option to eliminate mobile core network capex altogether by turning it into subscriber dependent opex – completely transforming the risk and rewards of deploying mobile networks in these markets.