Athonet demonstrates low-latency LTE Broadcast at MWC with Nokia, EE and Korea Telecom

22/02/2016 – Athonet is powering low-latency LTE Broadcast services at the Mobile World Congress 2016 in collaboration with Nokia, EE and Korea Telecom. Demonstrations using live video from multiple cameras were constantly running during the show in the GSMA Innovation City both at the Korea Telecom stand and at the Nokia/EE stand. Live video was delivered simultaneously to multiple LTE-enabled devices over a distributed localized LTE Broadcast network comprising Athonet’s Mobile Core (including MBMS-GW and BMSC) and Nokia’s LTE Radio base station. This reduced latency to hundreds of milliseconds enabling a new generation of secure, high-performance, real-time services such as situational awareness during an event, distributed industrial sensor control or emergency/disaster operations.

Link – Nokia/KT
Link – Nokia/EE