Athonet pioneers transportable IMS-based MCPTT for mobile operator emergency services

austria-demo230th May 2017 – Athonet, Frequentis, A1 and Nemergent joined forces to run a live demo of 3GPP standards-based Mission Critical Push-To-Talk (MCPTT) on a live mobile operator network in Austria including deployable distributed LTE systems at the “network edge”. In the event of a crisis, every second counts. Being able to quickly and cost-effectively build up a communication network, and get a picture of the deployment situation, brings significant advantages to safety-critical communication. During the demo, A1’s national LTE network coverage was combined with a deployable LTE transportable system provided by Athonet (LTE rucksack) to cover a remote area susceptible to floods, allowing private and group calls to be established between professional field units and the dispatcher, providing tracking and location information. Emergency teams wearing helmet mounted cameras were able to stream live HD video to the control room that allowed the command teams to direct personnel and resources more effectively and efficiently in response to events on the ground. Command personnel and on-the-ground teams were able to communicate as a group using the standards-based Push-To-Talk functionality provided by Nemergent and Frequentis’ Control Room solution integrating TETRA, supporting multimedia and geographical information system (GIS). Video was streamed from an operating power plant showing the resilience of the solution to support network communications for critical national infrastructure during a crisis.


Joint Press Release – Frequentis