Private LTE & 5G, Mission Critical & Public Safety


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Athonet’s platform is the optimal solution for end-users and service providers in the Enterprise, Public Safety and Private LTE & 5G Market who today are relegated to utilizing WiFi or PMR (e.g. TETRA) technology. While PMR technologies support mostly voice and cannot satisfy the growing broadband data needs, WiFi deployment requires potentially large numbers of access points (with associated capex and opex costs) and is unable to guarantee coverage and mission-critical services in all areas.

We solve these problems with a complete dedicated mobile network solution that provides public safety, enterprises and professional users with the best possible Private LTE & 5G broadband experience: a real extension to their enterprise LAN with very low latency, high security, VoIP PBX compatibility, full control and simplified management – all which would otherwise be unavailable to them.


  • Broadband access to field personnel enabling real-time communications towards the operation centers and Internet/Intranet.
  • Distributed and Resilient network – No single point of failure.
  • Real-time High Definition Video, voice, operations information, geolocation, messaging, M2M (sensors, remote control etc.).
  • Nomadic and fully mobile (e.g. vehicle) communications.


  • Private transportable wireless network that is operational in minutes;
  • Indoor and Wide-Area Outdoor coverage of areas of operation;
  • Reliability: during an emergency mobile networks are often unavailable due to damage or overload. The solution remains operational for local communications even when remote connectivity is lost (unlike normal cellular solutions).
  • Broadband real-time communications;
  • Standalone independent network fully managed by field personnel;
  • Very high security to protect emergency communications.

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