First commercial Cloud-Native LTE Mobile Core on AWS Marketplace

30th October 2018 –  Telecom Infrastructure Partnership Summit – Athonet, as part of the TIP Edge Computing Workgroup demonstration with British Telecom, launched its BubbleCloud on the AWS Marketplace. The BubbleCloud is the world’s first mobile core network on the public cloud with a distributed edge architecture that is available commercially any-where-in-the-world for 5G-type use cases such as low latency connectivity for video, AR/VR & gaming, Industry 4.0 and V2X for cloud-assisted vehicles. The demonstration used an end-to-end software-defined mobile network from cloud mobile core to applications and LTE radio.

WEBSCALE MOBILE CORE – Mobile core running on the AWS cloud that is validated for webscale workloads;
APPLICATION INTEGRATION – Seamless integration with AWS IoT platform to allow any SIM based device to instantly connect, authenticate and securely utilise thousands of AI, machine learning and other IoT applications on AWS; and
DISTRIBUTED USER PLANE FUNCTION – Distributed edge cloud, anticipating the 5G user plane, which allows users to deploy edge computing

Tip London Summit

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