Athonet’s CEO is one of the 17 global influencers expanding human possibility through technology

NEWSIT_h0ahi0rn27/10/2015 – Athonet’s CEO is one of WIRED’s 17 Global Influencers expanding human possibility through technology.

WIRED and Nokia unveil #MakeTechHuman Agents of Change, an accolade awarded to 17 global influencers who are shaping how technology is expanding human possibility.

When disaster strikes, Athonet founder and CEO Karim El Malki is at the ready. El Malki’s team deploys custom-built mobile networks for critical tasks like connecting relief crews during disasters. The Italian startup’s low-cost portable broadband-in-a-box solution has racked up its share of mileage, bringing cheap wireless coverage to the Spanish countryside and African wildlife parks alike.

Athonet’s big box of broadband shines brightest in a pinch. When catastrophic earthquakes knocked out northern Italy’s cell coverage in 2012, El Malki’s team sprang into action, outfitting disaster relief teams with a lifeline to other crews in the field and the outside world. Athonet’s disaster relief efforts didn’t go unnoticed. The company’s work in the earthquake-affected zone of Emilia Romagna netted them a medal from Italy’s president.

In Africa, where mobile broadband penetration hovers around 20 percent, Athonet’s tech helps bridge the digital divide. As part of Africa’s “Save The Rhino” antipoaching campaign, Athonet works with aerial drone specialists to track and report herd movements. Thanks to Athonet’s custom-built wireless network, stretched across an African wildlife preserve, the project’s drones could relay video of rhino movements back to program headquarters. But Athonet’s brand isn’t just about crisis; it’s also about connecting people through smart applications of everyday tech.

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