Mobile Edge Computing (MEC)


Athonet’s software solutions can be deployed rapidly and integrated with LTE small cells and macro cells to create dedicated “islands” of coverage in areas of interest, while interoperating with national mobile operator networks to allow users to maintain connectivity both inside and outside the dedicated coverage areas. Following ETSI’s Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) initiative, our solution enables real-time (control, sensor) or data-intensive applications (e.g. video) to run independently at the edge of the network where they are most needed using standard mobile terminals.

The advantages of Athonet’s MEC approach are:

  • fully localized services whose performance is not affected by national mobile network signalling or traffic loads;
  • very low latency with applications pushed to the edge of the network;
  • new revenues from highly reliable localized applications that will continue running even in case of backhaul bottlenecks or emergencies;
  • deployment of different local applications based on subscriber needs in different areas